Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ragnar Relay 2010

Another race has been completed and this time it was the Ragnar Relay this past weekend! I must admit that after 3 days of almost no sleep and a constant knot in my stomach I remembered why I didn't like it the first time I ran it in 2008 but now that I'm alive and well two days after the race I think I can say I enjoyed it(: Here are some fun pics of the lively weekend.

This is the motel we stayed at in Logan the night before...I was nervous when I heard we were staying in a MOTEL and then when I saw a cop car with flashing lights parked in front of one of the rooms as we pulled up, I definitely had my doubts but we all made it out alive.

spelling "RAG" but yes the R is backwards...my fault

Van #1 at the starting line for a very early morning start time
After probably 10 pictures in front of this van...we realized someone was sleeping in there and we kept flashing our cameras through the window...we probably made some enemies.
Maquelle handing off the bracelet on our last legs of the race
Finishing my last leg and so happy to be done
After Van 1 was done...Matt hooked us up with a sweet cabin in Park City to shower and relax till Van 2 finished up. Van 1 was the best by far(:
Taking pictures at the finish line
Ragnar Relay 2010 completed!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


This is why I LOVE my macbook....

just hangin out on a beautiful monday with Lexi and Cam!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Yearly Update...

Welcome back to blogging...
After almost a year of not blogging I finally decided to do an update for those 5 of you who would like me to. A lot of fun things have happened the past year and I keep looking forward to every fun day that comes. Here are just a few quick things that happened since last August.

I pulled off a senior recital at BYU. Most terrifying and rewarding experience back in November.
ECHO reunited...annually since the age of 15. I'm so lucky to have talented friends that are always willing to sing with me.
I celebrated my 23rd birthday

Katie and I threw a baby shower for Cheryse
And here is her beautiful little baby girl Berklee who was blessed last week. You can't really see her cute face but she is so sweet!
My amazing friend McKay invited me to sing at a Benefit Concert for the victims of Chile
Cody turned 1 year old!!! That year flew by!
Cody's dinosaur cake for his birthday!!!
My parents went to San Francisco for work and look who they took with them, since I've never been they thought it was a good idea I tag along and I was so happy I did. I love San Francisco! It is so beautiful and lively!

Lombard Street
In front of the Painted Ladies that were filmed for "Full House"...loved that show!
I got to see WICKED again this time with my parents! So incredible!
Meir Woods...trees that were so beautiful and massive
Maquelle got us tickets to Michael Buble for my birthday...best concert and best present ever!
Gracie celebrated her first Birthday in March
Amy did an incredible job on the cakes...as usual
Maquelle and I got to sing outside the Conference Center in April and then attended the Sunday morning session of Conference.
I helped throw a surprise party for Maquelle's 21st birthday!!! So much fun!
singing happy birthday to the birthday girl and her cupcake
!!!!!!NEWS FLASH!!!!!!

I graduated from Brigham Young University with Bachelor's Degree in Media Music Studies!
Mom and Dad
These are some of my awesomely talented colleagues and musicians who I had the privilege of going to school with. Miss you all!
I have the best job where I get to tend my niece and nephew twice a week for my sister.
I took Lexi and Cameron to the zoo with their cousins and they all had so much fun!

Avery had a dance recital and was so adorable! She smiled and new the dance so well!

At a surprise party for one of my friends,
Abbie and I played air ping pong at a party and got lots of strange looks from people...typical.
Ali finally decided to smile in a picture with me...so sad she's gone but so happy she's coming back!!!!

This is my adorable niece Gracie after a fun dinner at Pirate Island in St. George

Thursday, August 27, 2009


So as far as summer goes...it went! Here are some fun things that I did.
1. Nanny my cute little neice and nephew
2. drove the H2 down to St. George with my best friend Maquelle
3. Celebrated lots of little kids birthdays!
4. Teach my nephews piano lessons...which they will get ice cream tonight if they practice(:
5. Entered a songwriting/vocal competition
6. Drove to Idaho to perform at a fireside with Jenny Phillips
7. Partied all day and all night long while my parents decided to travel the country
8. Ran 1 mile......
9. Still haven't but soon will finish my last online class
10. Almost finished reading 3 books in a month. All time record considering I don't know how to read!

How can you resist this cute little face when it peers into your eyes?
Monday, I took Lexi and Cameron to walk around the Draper Temple grounds. I thought it might be fun to get out and enjoy the last few days of summer. Pretty sure she's not supposed to run on the grass but no one was around and she like weighs 10 pounds.

Brother and sister walking together

and smiling together
Lexi loving Cameron but Cameron's pretty much in a chokehold and it's all he can do to break free from his big sisters loving grip

What you lookin' at?

Smelling the flowers
The Rexburg Temple

Haley and I sang at a Fireside in Rexburg, Idaho last Sunday night so we stopped to see the temple before we drove home. It is so beautiful! Thanks for coming with me Haley!
The car ride to Idaho

Maquelle and I took a quick trip to George because we wanted to get away and get burned which is just what we did

Peace, love and happiness!

Lexi's already into her US Weekly magazines at age 3

Here is my BEAUTIFUL niece Gracie! I know my eyes are closed but this is just a priceless face of hers smiling and you've all seen my eyes open so many times so I figured I would put this one up of her because she is so adorable!

Happy Birthday Cameron!

My little Lexi~Lou
ALthough my Summer flew by and lots of things changed, it was an incredible one! Thanks to everyone who made it great! Can't wait for the next one!!!